What is the cost for service?

Most of our customers are shocked at how affordable our professional sanitizing service is. As every facility and residence is unique, we encourage you to contact us for a No Cost, No Obligation quote for service. Our costs are typically less expensive than having one of your own employees attempt to sterilize your facility using harmful, chemical based products, that will NEVER offer the same level as fogging will do.

Do you service Residential Homes or only Commercial?

We absolutely service residential homes in our area. If you have children and/or pets, you should request a quote. For those with health issues including weakened immune systems, having your home regularly serviced could be life saving.

Can I just use Lysol™ Disinfectant Products?

Yes, if you like Chemical based products that work initially, but that do not provide ongoing protection. The reality is that you would need to spray Lysol™(or similar) chemicals every few minutes to provide ongoing protection. In addition, since Lysol™is not dispersed using electrostatic sprayers, it also can not provide the level of enveloping protection of our fogging system. Lysol™ versus MicroShield is NOT even close in benefits!

There is a contagious outbreak at our facility, can you help?

While preventative service is the best option (before there is an outbreak), we do offer emergency, on demand service. Once we fog your facility, it is considered safe and sterilized once again.

Once the area is sprayed, how long until we can use it again?

The MicroShield fogging formula cures in only 45 minutes. Once it is dry, it is good for regular activity.

Will the solution damage my surfaces or finishes?

No it will not! Chemical based products will over time damage surfaces and finishes, but since MicroShield is not chemical based, there are no issues.