MicroShield 360™ is an antimicrobial coating system that is EPA registered and FDA approved for food contact surfaces.

Once treated our system creates a preventative surface that protects treated areas from germs, bacteria, pathogens, and mold. The treated surface will be protected ‪24/7‬ up to a year!

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What is
360 °


An EPA registered and FDA approved coating system that PREVENTS pathogens from living on any treated surface. The system drastically reduces crosscontamination while also preventing mold and odors from ever forming. In all, MicroShield 360 prevents 90+ pathogens from living on surface.

What MS360 Brings to the Market

Residual coating that provides protection between cleanings

Technology creates a safety net against human error in cleaning and disinfecting

Currently holds EPA and FDA regulatory approvals for 1000+ facility types 1500+ surfaces

Proudly serving the Carolinas!

We Service:

  • Hospitals and all other Medical Facilities
  • Schools & School Buses
  • Child and Adult Daycares
  • Fitness Centers
  • Nursing Homes (for odor control as well)
  • Dental Practices
  • Hair & Nail Salons
  • Chiropractors
  • Child indoor play areas
  • Residential Homes
  • Rental Properties and Airbnb
  • Auto Dealerships and service center waiting areas
  • Grocery Stores (All those buggies and grocery carts)
  • Restaurants
  • Animal hospitals and Vet Clinics
  • Funeral Homes
  • Commercial Airport Terminals
  • Any Commercial or Residential location that cares about the health and safety of employees and customers.

MicroShield 360 Testimonials

Listed below are actual client testimonials
from various end-markets

“The Iowa Event Center is pleased to announce that we are using MicroShield 360 to provide our patrons, event participants and employees an additional measure of germ protection. The Iowa Event Center strives to provide the best possible experience for all, and we are confident that the addition of MicroShield 360 with its antimicrobial coating that works 24/7 and can last for up to 365 days will help us do that.

We are excited about the use of MicroShield 360 at the Iowa Events Center. Additionally, Alan from Diverse Products & Services was easy to work with and test results were impressive”


Iowa Events Center

Des Moines, IA

“Issues with odors in restrooms effect client’s perception and therefore can effect a business. We had an odor issue which we let MicroShield 360 address. We haven’t altered our cleaning regimen and to this day there are still no odors. I would recommend this service to other restaurant owners”


Jennifer Short – Chief Operations Officer

Tomtreyco McDonalds, Multi-Location

“We decided to take a chance and it was a huge benefit for us as we saw a large decrease in employees getting sick which was unexpected. We now even have senior communities who bus their people over to our restaurant because they saw the (MS360) plaque on the wall. You’re going to see the benefits one way or another. Whether it’s with customer base, personnel or just peace of mind for doing something for better for people”


Charlie Rodriguez – Managing Partner

Jason’s Deli, Las Vegas, NV

“Whether it’s culinary or cleaning I do suggest all restaurants get on board with this as the testing showed a significant decrease in bacteria levels”


Jon Blair – General Manager

The Greenhouse Tavern, Cleveland, OH

“The Columbus Crew is a ‘player first’ sports organization that places high value on the health and wellness of it’s players. As such, we applied MicroShield to our training facility and stadium locker room to reduce the risk of our athletes missing valuable training or games due to illness contracted in our team environments.”


Gregg Berhalter – Head Coach and Sporting Director

Columbus Crew, Columbus, OH

“At our school we differentiate ourselves by taking that extra step– whether it be in education or health & safety. We inform parents of the steps we take in every classroom to clean and sterilize toys and surfaces, however the next touch of a surface or doorknob can contaminate a surface in other schools. For over 5 years we’ve implemented surface protection in our school, and we let parents know that our manipulatives, doorknobs, walls, bathroom stalls, undersides of tables, computers, keyboards & mice are safe to touch… but to be very careful when visiting schools that do not take the precautions that we do with MicroShield 360.”


Steve Powell – Owner

Goddard School, Westerville, OH

“We’ve been happy with the results of MicroShield 360. Not only has it provided preventative protection to the surfaces but there
was a noticeable difference in odor levels after a busy day. Additionally, numerous parents thanked us and even a few said it
was a major feature that led them to come back!” 

John Green – Owner

Café O’ Play, Stow, OH

“We decided to listen to what MicroShield 360 had to offer and applied the system into the facilities locker rooms/saunas.
Although apprehensive at first the routine testing they provided proved the system drastically reduced the pathogens on treated surfaces by over 95%! As a result, we have decided to roll out MicroShield 360 to the entire facility for complete preventative protection.”


Nick White – Owner

Tremont Athletic Club, Cleveland, OH

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“Baldwin Wallace is very pleased with our results utilizing the MicroShield 360 product for our wrestling and wrestling locker
room areas. We have significantly reduced our incidences of skin infections and the area is much cleaner now than previously. We will look into further use of this product for some of our other facilities on campus.”


Kris A. Diaz – Director of Athletics

Baldwin Wallace University, Berea, OH

“I wanted to thank you and your staff on an amazing job and how well your product works. We had little to no outbreaks this year of any kind on the mat surface, locker room or bathrooms. We will be updating your product with you guys soon. Thanks again, I know it played an integral part in our championship this year! Thanks again for being part of the team. I’ll get a hold of you guys soon for a reading into summer.”


Sonny Marchette – Wrestling Coach

Notre Dame College, South Euclid, OH

“We began our relationship with MicroShield 360 more than 2 years ago and we have seen a decrease in the number of documented staph or staph related injuries. We feel the results have been so positive we have expanded our use of the MicroShield service, the Microshield360™ System, to include all of our High School and our Middle School Rest rooms, New fitness room, cafeterias, library/computer labs, locker room facilities, and game/practice balls and various pieces of equipment.

I would recommend that Microshield360 be a part of your normal maintenance and facility management program.”


Joe Kilming – CAA & Dean of Students

Madeira Schools, Cincinnati, OH

“MicroShield 360 applied their special coating to various areas of the station used or shared by multiple people including the dispatch center, common areas, jail, gym and patrol cars. Applying an antimicrobial agent in these areas provided a sense of relief to our employees. Many expressed gratitude.

MicroShield recently completed a 1-yr assessment of the treated areas. The treated areas are still protected, and our microbial levels are roughly one-fourth to one-third of what they previously were. Obviously, a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. The application of MicroShield 360 coating is a part of that success”


Kris Nietert – Chief of Police

Bedford Police Department, Bedford, OH

“I couldn’t be more pleased with MicroShield 360. We were gunk free almost the entire year. Last season (2016-2017) we were fighting to keep skin gunk out of our room the entire year. We had guys with ringworm, impetigo, herpes, and staph. We had guys missing practice all year which impacted our entire team. We had two athletes who couldn’t wrestle at the district tournament because they couldn’t pass skin check. Their season was ended because we couldn’t keep our room clean.

This past Fall we had our wrestling room, wrestling locker room, and weight room cleaned and sealed by MicroShield 360. This season (2017-2018) we had an outstanding season and didn’t have any impact from skin gunk. The only thing we did differently was use MicroShield 360. We will continue to use MicroShield 360 in the years to come and would recommend any wrestling team to do the same. It was money well spent.”


Ken DeAngelis – Head Wrestling Coach

Independence High School, Independence, OH

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